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Jazz Performers in Movies Quiz

Click on the appropriate answer.

1. Which one of these movies DIDN'T Harry Connick Jr. act in?

	(a) Independence Day
	(b) Copy Cat
	(c) Little Man Tate
	(d) Memphis Belle
	(e) When Harry Met Sally

2. Which one of Miles Davis's albums does Clint Eastwood have playing in his living room in the movie, "In the Line of Fire"?
	(a) Live at the Village Vanguard
	(b) Kind of Blue
	(c) Funky Monkey
	(d) Classical Ballads

3. Which song from that album is he playing?
	(a) Blue Monk
	(b) Blue Funk
	(c) Straight, No Chaser
	(d) All Blues

4. Which movie does Brandford Marsalis play as Tom Hank's roomate?
	(a) Joe Versus the Volcano
	(b) Big
	(c) The Money Pit
	(d) The Man With One Red Shoe

5. Which Dizzy Gillespie song does Jim Carrey sing in the movie "The Cable Guy" as he is punching a man in the bathroom?
	(a) Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac
	(b) Salt Peanuts
	(c) A Night in Tunisia
	(d) Take the A Train

6. Which contemporary jazz pianist wrote the Origional Motion Picture Soundtrack to the movie, "The Firm"?
	(a) Dave Grusin
	(b) Dave Brubeck
	(c) Dave Benoit
	(d) Davey Crocket

7. In the movie "Billy Madison", when an old lady says to Adam Sandler "If peeing your pants is cool, then call me ___________", who is she referring to?
	(a) J. J. Johnson
	(b) Louis Armstrong
	(c) Miles Davis
	(d) Glenn Miller

8. This seventies Rock-and-Roll band did the soundtrack to "The Owl and the Pussycat", starring Barbara Streisand.
	(a) Chicago
	(b) Air Suppy
	(c) ABBA
	(d) Blood, Sweat, and Tears

9. Who played the National Anthem before a basketball game in the movie, "Forget Paris", starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan?
	(a) Wayne Shorter
	(b) David Sanborn
	(c) Candy Dulfer
	(d) Roy Hargrove

10. Which one of these movies DIDN'T Dave Grusin compose the Origional Motion Picture Soundtrack?
	(a) Havanna
	(b) The Cure
	(c) The Fabulous Baker Boys
	(d) Round' Midnite
	(e) Selena

11. Where was the Count Basie Orchestra playing in the movie, "Blazing Saddles"?
	(a) Under water
	(b) In a saloon
	(c) In the desert
	(d) On horses

12. Who's concert did Robert Downey Jr. sing at in the movie, "Heart and Souls"?
	(a) Muddy Waters
	(b) B. B. King
	(c) Aretha Franklin
	(d) Natalie Cole

13. Which actor played the role of Charlie Parker in the movie, "The Bird"?
	(a) Forrest Whittaker
	(b) James Earl Jones
	(c) Branford Marsalis
	(d) Action Jackson

14. Which of these famous jazz trumpeters was playing in a closet in the movie "Fatal Instinct", a parody on "Basic Instinct" and "Fatal Attraction"?
	(a) Doc Chetham
	(b) Jon Faddis
	(c) Wynton Marsalis
	(d) Doc Severenson

15. There was a poster on the wall of this famous jazz trumpeter in one scene in the moive "Heat", starring Robert Dinero, Al Pacino, and Val Kilmer. (hint: It was behind Pacino when he was talking on the phone in his office)
	(a) Wynton Marsalis
	(b) Miles Davis
	(c) Dizzy Gillespie
	(d) Roy Hargrove

16. In the movie "Scrooged", Bill Murray's character harrasses a group of street musicians. Which one of these musicians was NOT one of them?
	(a) Doc Severenson
	(b) David Sanborn
	(c) Larry Carlton
	(d) Miles Davis
	(e) Paul Shaffer

17. Harry Connick Jr. plays this song on the piano for Fred Tate in the movie "Little Man Tate"
	(a) I Get a Kick Out of You
	(b) There Will Never Be Another You
	(c) The Nearness of You
	(d) Caravan

18. Who wrote the original soundtrack from the movie "Tune in Tomorrow", Starring Keanu Reeves, Barbara Hershey, and Peter Falk?
	(a) Dave Grusin
	(b) Benny Green
	(c) Bob Brookmeyer
	(d) Wynton Marsalis

19. What were the 3 jazz musicians the nanny guy had on his cassette tape in the movie, "Jerry Maguire"?
	(a) Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, and Thelonious Monk
	(b) Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Charles Mingus
	(c) John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, and Miles Davis
	(d) Thelonious Monk, Jaco Pastorius, and J. J. Johnson

20. Who directed the movie, "Mo Better Blues", starring Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes?
	(a) Robert Altman
	(b) Alan Smithee
	(c) Clint Eastwood
	(d) Spike Lee

21. Who directed the movie, "Kansas City"?
	(a) Robert Altman
	(b) Alan Smithee
	(c) Clint Eastwood
	(d) Spike Lee

22. In the movie, "Kiss the Girls", starring Morgan Freeman, there are 2 posters of jazz musicians in the room of his niece's boyfriends' apartment. Who are these posters of?
	(a) Miles Davis and John Coltrane
	(b) John Coltrane and Dizzy Gillespie
	(c) Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Getz
	(d) Miles Davis and Dexter Gordon

23. Which of these movies was the only movie Miles Davis ever STARRED in?
	(a) Siesta (1987)
	(b) Street Smart (1987)
	(c) Jack Johnson, the Big Fights (1970) ... aka Jack Johnson (1970)
	(d) Ascenseur pour l'échafaud (1958)
	(e) Dingo (1992)  ... aka Dingo - Dog of the Desert (1992)