Article List

"A cheer for the kids in the band" - an essay by Hilda Russsell, a parent of a student in the marching band at Northview High School in Grand Rapids, MI.

"Piano playing increases math skills" - 'When children learn rhythm, they are learning ratios, fractions, and proportions.'

John Sykes and the VH1 Save the Music Program - "Man on a Mission" - John Sykes, President of the VH1 cable channel and developer of the VH1 Save the Music Campaign, an effort to raise $100 million for the purchase and repairing of musical instruments with the specific purpose of encouraging new music programs within the nation's school systems

Richard Deyfuss' speech at the Academy Awards Ceremony - Richard Dreyfuss, star of Mr. Hollands Opus speaks out!

"Does Instrumental Music Make you Smart?" - Read this and see....

Mozart Mania - The "Mozart Effect" and its' effect on children.

Secretary Riley Speech Touts Music/Arts Education - U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley's Speech touted the importance of music and arts education in a speech on Thursday (3/19) focusing solely on this topic during his appearance at an arts magnet high school in New Haven, Connecticut.

"Put Music Back IN schools!" - Article from the N.Y. times.

Listen to Dan Rather - Dan rather speaks out about the importance of music education

"The Arts Make America Rich" - Article by NARAS's Michael Greene

"Musical instrument may be better investment than a @#!%$^&* computer" - Bold statement by Bill Van Cannon, editor of the Tri County Press of Cuba City.